Bunding Health & Safety

Chemical spill kits are used for a variety of liquids that will result in hazardous waste exposure, most commonly oil and other hazardous liquid spills. A good example of a chemical spill kit would be the materials safety decking system, which is used by the Coast Guard to contain oil spills, as well as other marine life hazards. In addition, chemical and industrial spill kits are also used for containing other liquid spillage such as that resulting from fertilizers, drain cleaner spills, and other industrial spills. The use of chemical and industrial spill kits is necessary in both the containment of chemical spills and in the clean up of the spill site.

No matter what type of spill kits or containment solutions a company uses, it’s important to carefully select materials for use in the spill kits and containment solutions based on what is available and government regulations on hazardous chemicals, as well as how they will perform once they are in place. For example, bundling material together in a certain fashion is useful for preventing the spread of a chemical spill, but in doing so makes it much more difficult to remove the chemical that has spread throughout the soil, or affected vegetation and aquatic plants. Depending upon what is needed, the appropriate material may include permeable vinyl lumber, non-woven nylon lining, and clear polyethylene plastic sheets. While PVC lumber and Non-Woven Nylon Lining will make it very difficult for the chemical to penetrate their surface, these materials also make it extremely difficult for water or air to penetrate the surface as well, meaning that the containment solution will have greater effect.

The types of bunding material used to prevent spills from occurring can be extremely effective, but not all spill kits contain all of these elements. In addition, many spill kits do not contain specialized spill kits such as the put weather stripping mentioned above. In this case, one would want to purchase the chemical spill kits and chemical spill control solutions that specifically contain these additional features, such as UV filters and antimicrobial UV lights. Not only will this allow for the prevention of spills, but it will also save money and provide the best protection. With these additional elements, you can help prevent further damage and protect future investments.