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In order to fully appreciate the significance of new technology in the future of artificial intelligence, we must also appreciate the ways in which new technologies have affected our lives. The adoption of new technology by ordinary people has allowed the introduction of new technology in their everyday lives. This has occurred with digital technologies such as the Internet and its impact on business, education and entertainment.

As well, new technologies have created new technologies. Examples of technologies emerging from the new technology in 2021 can be considered to include Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and the impact of digitization on marketing. New technologies have the potential to produce vastly improved results, and this potential can be realized in different sectors of the economy. For instance, researchers in Machine Learning propose that new technologies will help humans better handle the current onslaught of data coming through the digital channels such as social media. New technologies can also dramatically change how work is done, for example by replacing labour with machines, thus creating more jobs.

The impact of new technologies on society can be either good or bad. On the one hand new technologies can create vast benefits for humanity. On the other hand emerging technologies may cause considerable disruption to society. Consideration of all these implications requires a broad understanding of how and why new technologies emerge, how they are used and what impacts they have upon society. This research is critical to the field of AI research.